Banquet Hall and Restaurants FAQ

Over the last ten years, more and more Chinese couples are moving to a venue like hotels, banquet halls, or golf club for their weddings.  However, most couples and their parents do have a lot of concerns for the new trend of Chinese weddings.  Please see below two most frequent questions and answers.


Q:                   What are the pros of having a wedding in a venue

A:                    In a venue, wedding couples enjoy the following:

  • A private ballroom with no interference of unrelated parties including staff and guests
  • A more spacious ballroom where tables are more spread out, instead of at the restaurants where chairs are being put back to back to save space
  • Grand foyer for reception prior to dinner
  • A full dance floor being available throughout the evening for activities and performance
  • Formal podium for speeches
  • Ballroom being available since 12:00 p.m. on the day for decorations or eveing for bridal party to do final touch up of the ballroom, where at the restaurant assess to the ballroom won’t be available after 4:00 p.m.
  • Ballroom is available is until 1:00 a.m. or possibly 1:30 a.m., where some restaurants charge extra for any time after 11:30 p.m. for dancing
  • A grand ballroom with high ceiling, compliments with a grand foyer, gives a better setting and more options for pictures instead of restaurants where the Dragon and Phoenix wall is the only backdrop for pictures
  • Possible on-site facility for ceremony to avoid guests and bridal party from going back and forth between ceremony site and the reception site
  • Ample exclusive parking for guests


Q:                   Is the food quality going to be the same as the restaurant?

A:                    With Rovey, all cuisine are cooked and prepared on site.  It guarantees the perfect temperature, taste, and colour of every course.


faqQ:                   What about service?

A:                    Because venues are of a higher class of restaurants, serving standards are also higher.  Particularly with Rovey, supervised by Certified Hospitality Supervisor (C.H.S.), server ratio is at One server to Two Tables maximum, where some restaurants arrange Two Servers for Five Tables.

A:                    All courses will be French served to individual guests unless otherwise specified.

A:                    Furthermore, we consider a wedding an “event” at a venue, and we execute a final details process.  It includes a thorough planned out floor plan, special meals requirements, vendors arrangement, agenda detailing the activities of the night, and seating plan, etc.  With the masterpiece, it ensures the “event” is running smoothly from beginning to end.


Q:                   What’s the different between Integrated Package and Non-Integrated Package?

A:                    For Integrated Package, it means client only sign one Contract with the venue that will includes hall rental, menu, service, bar, applicable taxes and gratuities.

A:                    For Non-Integrated Package, it means client signs two Contracts – one with the venue for hall rental and bar and another contract with Rovey for menu and service.